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Keep Food Jobs in Canada

They help build strong communities. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency intends to eliminate several consumer protections including regulated package sizes for maple syrup, wine, honey, sandwich meats, bacon, canned and frozen fruits and vegetables, and more.

Last spring the government surprised food processors with the following announcement found on page 219 of Budget 2012:

“The Government will also repeal regulations related to container standards to enable industry to take advantage of new packaging formats and technologies, while removing an unnecessary barrier for the importation of new products from international markets.”

Deregulating consumer packages support neither consumers nor Canadian farmers and food processors. In fact, deregulation distorts the playing field in favour of imports and confuses consumers. Canadian food processors will be forced to make tough decisions: do they reinvest here or in the U.S.? Companies have options but farmers and communities do not.

Join the dialogue… 
…to learn how the federal government can take a holistic approach to regulatory reform to build export markets and strengthen the communities Canada’s food processors are proud to call home. Contact your Member of Parliament and the Minister of Agriculture, the Honourable Gerry Ritz, to voice your concern with this change.