It Takes an Army at a Barbecue Restaurant

That juicy goodness you tuck into at barbecue restaurants doesn’t magic itself into existence for your delectation. No, of course it doesn’t. There’s a whole army of people behind that heavenly smoked food(smoked beef brisket – here.) Well, maybe an ‘army’ is a bit of an exaggeration. A small team is more accurate, then.

Regardless, you need a good team with clearly defined roles and everybody working in unison to get that piece of meat (or salad) to your mouth. All the way from getting it out the chiller to serving it to your table. Here’s the job titles in a barbecue restaurant and the role each member of staff has in the team.

The chef

Chef’s can be a belligerent bunch, and have a tendency to drop the ‘F’ bomb with a greater regularity than is probably healthy (or maybe that’s just Gordon Ramsay) but that’s for good reason these guys are under pressure in the heat of the kitchen. Standing over the heat of the hot plate, or their Best Electric Smoker, there ain’t no place to hide if their food doesn’t pass muster. The buck stops with them.

So some of the best offset smoker chefs show not only prepare the food, cut the produce and then cook it, they have the final say on whether their long suffering cooking assistants’ plates of food are good enough to serve.

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Cooking assistants

Generally sneered at in the restaurant industry as poor imitations of a real chef, these guys are second only to the dish washers (not the mechanical machines themselves. That would be harsh. No, I mean the staff that wash the dishes. The dish ‘washerers’ if you like) at the bottom of the pecking order. These poor saps regularly face the wrath of the chef, and?have to remain unflinching after receiving a broadside of expletives from kissing distance.

Good cooking assistants play a vital role in any restaurant. Cooking on a premium Smoky Goodness Barbecue smoker may sound easy, but if someone doesn’t do it well and fast, the whole kitchen falls down and someone gets shouted at.

Floor manager

The face of the restaurant. These guys are responsible for the smooth operation of the dining area, much like the chef manages the kitchen. The difference being in application ? less aggressively, as they are in the view of customers, and with a permanent smile that you can’t be hired without if applying for a job as a floor manager. Or being promoted to one. Only the smiliest waiters ever go on to be floor managers.?That’s a fact.


It’s all well and good cooking all that food, but unless you expect customers to jig on over and start a free-for-all with the cooked food and help themselves, someone has to serve it. This is a BBQ restaurant we’re talking about here not a burger van.

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