It Takes an Army at a Barbecue Restaurant

That juicy goodness you tuck into at barbecue restaurants doesn’t magic itself into existence for your delectation. No, of course it doesn’t. There’s a whole army of people behind that heavenly smoked food(smoked beef brisket – here.) Well, maybe an ‘army’ is a bit of an exaggeration. A small team is more accurate, then.

Regardless, you need a good team with clearly defined roles and everybody working in unison to get that piece of meat (or salad) to your mouth. All the way from getting it out the chiller to serving it to your table. Here’s the job titles in a barbecue restaurant and the role each member of staff has in the team.

The chef

Chef’s can be a belligerent bunch, and have a tendency to drop the ‘F’ bomb with a greater regularity than is probably healthy (or maybe that’s just Gordon Ramsay) but that’s for good reason these guys are under pressure in the heat of the kitchen. Standing over the heat of the hot plate, or their Best Electric Smoker, there ain’t no place to hide if their food doesn’t pass muster. The buck stops with them.

So some of the best offset smoker chefs show not only prepare the food, cut the produce and then cook it, they have the final say on whether their long suffering cooking assistants’ plates of food are good enough to serve.

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Cooking assistants

Generally sneered at in the restaurant industry as poor imitations of a real chef, these guys are second only to the dish washers (not the mechanical machines themselves. That would be harsh. No, I mean the staff that wash the dishes. The dish ‘washerers’ if you like) at the bottom of the pecking order. These poor saps regularly face the wrath of the chef, and?have to remain unflinching after receiving a broadside of expletives from kissing distance.

Good cooking assistants play a vital role in any restaurant. Cooking on a premium Smoky Goodness Barbecue smoker may sound easy, but if someone doesn’t do it well and fast, the whole kitchen falls down and someone gets shouted at.

Floor manager

The face of the restaurant. These guys are responsible for the smooth operation of the dining area, much like the chef manages the kitchen. The difference being in application ? less aggressively, as they are in the view of customers, and with a permanent smile that you can’t be hired without if applying for a job as a floor manager. Or being promoted to one. Only the smiliest waiters ever go on to be floor managers.?That’s a fact.


It’s all well and good cooking all that food, but unless you expect customers to jig on over and start a free-for-all with the cooked food and help themselves, someone has to serve it. This is a BBQ restaurant we’re talking about here not a burger van.

Fast Food Industry Scholarships

Who said working in fast food restaurants is all that bad? In fact there are several different fast food chains that are worried about their employees and would like to help them always study and pursue better careers. Most fast food restaurant workers are students (either from high school or freshman from college) that are looking for a way to get some money and study at the same time. Most fast food restaurants are low paying, which would make student’s life much harder, after all tuition costs are quite high nowadays.

Thinking of those costs several different fast food restaurants now offer scholarships for their employees, that way they will have a much higher chance of going to school and becoming better people through education. If you would like to know whether or not your fast food restaurant offers scholarships, do not be shy! Show your bosses that you have interest, that way they will help you get through the application process.

fast food

For now let’s take a look at some of the scholarship benefits that some fast food restaurants offer for their student employees.


Wendy´s is definitely one of the most famous and big fast food companies present in the USA and Canada. The company gives different awards for those students (that are also employees) that are high school seniors and that show outstanding results throughout the year. The first 20.000 applicants that show interest in the scholarships will have the opportunity to get a $10 dollar gift card when applying for the scholarship online. Students must be at least 18 years old to be able to apply; otherwise they will need to have consent from their parents.


The Ronald McDonald House Charities program is offered on a year basis and offers students awards of $1000 dollars to be used towards their studies and school fees through scholarships. The scholarships are available for US high school students who live within a certain area that needs to be covered by the scholarship program (there are several different areas, which means people from almost all over the country will have the opportunity to get the scholarship). The scholarship values vary from region to region, however they are usually around the $1000 mark. The rewards are non-renewable so students will have a chance to get it at least once. You can learn more information here.

Burger King

Students from the USA, Canada or even Puerto Rico are now able to get one of the 1600 scholarships that are given by Burger King on a yearly basis. The opportunities are great especially for those who are looking for a good opportunity to save money while studying.Most awards are worth $1000 dollars. There are other awards such as the national one that is worth $5000 and the ‘King’ scholarship that will give a single student $25.000 dollars that should be used solely with University expenses. Students should be employed at a franchise and should work at least 15 hours a week to apply.

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How To Dress Up For Your Food Service Job Interview

Landing a job in a tough economy can be challenging enough as it is, especially since the competition will already be great. With that in mind, as an applicant, we want to do everything in our power to ensure that we are putting forth the best image for the job we are seeking. A good resume will inform the prospective employer that we have the required experience to work for them, but if we need them to give us a second look, we must work on our appearance.

Start from the top

While there may not be any specific requirements as far as a job applicant is concerned, the one thing everyone can agree upon is that if they look decent they are taken a lot more seriously, especially in the food service industry.

  • Hair should be properly trimmed and combed, and cared for. If you have problems with greasy hair, make sure you take proper care to remedy it before your interview so you do not look dirty to a potential employer.
  • Faces should also be freshly shaven and if a mustache exists, it should be properly groomed.
  • Women should avoid heavy makeup, just enough to get by.

job interview


Most interviewers will tell you that when they look at a prospective employee they try to imagine how the individual would look when they are on the job, which means that you should be ready to dress the part.

  • Unless the position you are applying for is that of a manager, or a chef, the applicant should dress in a casual shirt or blouse.
  • The pants should also be casual, however, stay away from shorts, even if you live in Florida.

Gearing up

A great deal of the younger generation believe in adorning themselves in an attempt to make a statement, during a job interview, leave some of that at home.

  • Avoid excessive jewelry at your interview, keep the important stuff like the wedding bands and leave the bling at home.
  • It is especially important to remove facial rings like the ones that go in the nose.
  • If you have tattoos that might be considered as offensive, cover them up.

End of the line

If you have ever seen someone in a suit or a nice dress and finish off the ensemble with a pair of tennis shoes you will understand the importance of decent footwear. This may not seem important to the average applicant, especially if they haven’t worked in the food industry before, but comfortable footwear will avoid painful feet and if you dress the part your interviewer will be impressed. Stay away from the sandals or heels and if you wear tennis shoes, make sure that they don’t look tattered and torn.

Lasting impressions

What it all boils down to is the fact that you need to dress the part, try to identify what the employees are currently wearing and follow those guidelines. If you really want to be hired, you need to stand out from the rest of the applicants, but not in a negative way, so don’t forget to take a shower, perfume and deodorant will not cover body odor.

Female job applicants should make sure that they take the appropriate steps to look presentable, including good personal hygine and hair care. Curling your hair (you can use tools like curling wands, which are reviewed at this site) is a nice added touch that will help you look presentable and clean.

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Why You Need to Stay in Shape As a Food Server?

Being a food server is a very fun, but demanding job. As a server you will most likely be required to work long hours, stand on your feet all day, and lift and carry various heavy items back and forth. As a food server, you should strive to stay in shape in order to meet the cardio and physical demands of the job and to help keep a positive attitude.

What is a Food Server?

A food server serves food and drinks to customers. They can be found in a number of different fields including non-restaurant food servers, fast food restaurants, counter attendants, room service, hospital servers, dining room, cafeteria workers, and more.

food service

Food Server Duties:

Hustle and Bustle

As a food server, you will be quite active in your day-to-day activities. This includes scrambling to take orders, delivering hot meals in a timely manner, and you may even be required to climb the stairs as part of your service. With all the moving around you’ll be doing, you need to be in great physical shape to keep up. A good exercise routine that includes 30 minutes of cardio at least three times a week, is not only good for your health, but can also help increase your stamina.

Heavy Lifting

Part of a food server’s duties are to push heavy food carts, carry trays, and balance various food trays or plates all at once. You may even be required to stock supplies. In order to meet the physical demands of the job with ease, food servers should incorporate an exercise program strength training and supplement program (like seen here at that includes some form of weight training at least three times a week.

Customer Service

Food servers are relied upon for their excellent customer service, which means you need to be courteous and friendly at all times. Incorporating a regular exercise program helps increase “feel good” endorphins and your overall well- being, which puts you in a good mood, so you can greet customers in a friendly manner.

Free Food

Free food is one of the great perks to being a food server, however, rich, heavy, decadent meals, pastas, deserts, and maybe even spirits could become a part of you daily menu, which can contribute to extra inches around your waist and extra pounds on your physique. Incorporating a regular fitness routine into your program will help combat the effects of over indulgence and can even help lower your cholesterol and blood pressure.

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Motivation to Stay in Shape

According to experts, exercising not only helps control your weight, but it also strengthens your bones, enhances your muscles, and reduces your risk for heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and some types of cancer. Exercising on a regular basis can also help you feel more energized and less stressed-key things needed for a successful food server position. When it comes to selecting an exercise, you should select one that makes you feel good on a personal level to help keep you motivated.

Here are 5 tips to help keep you on track:

  • Set realistic goals to get fit
  • Take the right supplements like the examples at this site
  • Find personal motivation to exercise
  • Do something you enjoy, so it doesn’t feel like exercise
  • Plan how to fit exercise into a hectic schedule
  • Allow yourself to bounce back after set backs
  • Have fun!

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Waitress Job Description Information

A waitress is a woman who works in the food and beverage industry and delivers food and drinks to customers. She may work at a high-end restaurant or at a smaller outfit such as a diner or cafe. Some waitresses have years of experience and are trained in fine dining and wines, while others may know little about food in general, other than what is on the menu.

In most restaurants in America, waitresses make a minimum wage for server and rely on tips to make up the majority of their earnings. They are required to greet customers, be courteous and accommodating and explain menu items and suggest things for the customer to eat. In some restaurants where there is little other staff, they may also ring up orders and act as a hostess.

Duties of a Waitress

Depending on the size and type of restaurant, a waitress can have a varied array of duties. They often seat guests and bring them beverages. When they food is ready to be served, they deliver it to the table and refill any drinks. In some restaurants, they must clean off a table where diners have eaten and prepare for the next set of customers.

At larger or busy restaurants, the waitress may be part of a larger team which would include hosts and hostesses, bus people who clean off tables and bring drink refills and others who assist in service. When work is slow, the waitress may be expecting to do light cleaning, arrange dining essentials or even to assist in food preparation. Other times, a waitress takes the money for a check and provides change to the customer.

Educational Requirements

As a waitress, one does not need a degree or even a high school diploma to work. In fact, most waitresses obtain their training on the job. Other restaurants may require more experience and a certain level of knowledge about food and to meet the expectations of a company. Many young people find jobs was waitresses or server, as they lack formal education yet, and thee jobs are often in abundance.

It’s estimated that nearly one-quarter of all workers in this field are in the age range of 16 to 19 years old, which is six time the proportion in all other areas of work. Jobs in and beverage industry, at least in some restaurants, have a high turnover rate of employment, and most workers are part-time employees. For many people in America, it is one of the first jobs they obtain when they enter the workforce as a young adult.


A waitress needs to be efficient and have a pleasant demeanor. They also need to have good communication skills to converse with customers and to relay orders to kitchen staff. Finally, the waitress should have basic math skills and be able to work a cash register and produce change for the customer.

Salary for a Waitress

Typically, because they earn most of their wages in tips, servers and waitresses are not salaries employees. It’s difficult to obtain a mean annual wage, as most waitresses do not work full-time. Currently, the minimum wage for servers is typically $2 to $4 or more depending upon the state and whether they comply or not. Some states do not follow a minimum wage. Read another article

Waiter Job Description

So you want to be a waiter, huh? You think you can handle a waiter job? Well, if you’re so tough, then here’s the waiter job description: One large helping of run around trying not to forget things, two cold helpings of everyone being rude to you and having to pretend to be nice to them, four sides of cooks who don’t really care to help you even if they could speak English, a “try to remember the entire stupid menu so can answer all sorts of dumb questions about it” on the rocks, and to drink, we’ll have under tipping despite noticing that you’re working your ass off all around. Got all that? Can you remember it? You’re pretty sure you can? Okay, well even if you’ve remembered all of it, see how well your fragile psyche holds up the first time some snotty woman asks you to repeat the entire thing back to her, including all the odd changes she asked to be made to her salad, just because she is pretty sure you are incompetent, otherwise you wouldn’t be a waiter. Of course, it couldn’t be that you are her moral and intellectual better, just trying to make a buck and pay your way through college or graduate school, could it? Of course not. That would be as ridiculous as expecting customers you bust your butt for to tip the full twenty percent, or even a measly fifteen percent.

Being a waiter, especially at a higher end restaurant, can be the best money you’ll ever make without having a “real,” career-style job with a salary. The problem with waiter jobs is the same at almost every waiter job. The waiter job description won’t tell you a lot of these things, so I’ll share them with you now and see how interested you still are in becoming a waiter.

The Real Waiter Job Description – The Problems:

  • Stress – No matter how many times you go into work just telling yourself, “who cares, it’s just food,” inevitably you will become stressed out at this job. When you have five different tables, are getting double sat by the incompetent host who seems to have it out for you, your food is late or wrong in the window, and you can’t even remember what you’re doing in the kitchen let alone what the lady and her kid wanted to drink at table thirty three, then you will understand the stress of being a waiter. When people say this job drives you to drink, they really aren’t kidding. High volume waiter jobs will stress most people out so much, they will want nothing more than about fifty drinks after work every night, especially on the slow nights when despite the fact that they were running around like crazy, they only made some tiny amount of money.
  • No Teamwork – While often times co-workers will become friends at restaurants, running food for each other and helping out, once that stress kicks in and the rush hits, everyone seems to be for themselves. Despite the fact that Steve might run your food over to table six because he saw it sitting there, he will also steal your entrees for his table at a moment’s notice and not apologize for it. This lack of a real “team” atmosphere makes sense, because being a waiter basically means working for yourself within the framework of an existing business, so there really is very little motivation for people to work together.
  • Rude customers – They say everyone should, at some point in their lives, work as a waiter, and work in retail. They say this because whoever they are understands that in these two positions, you are often treated as the sub-human lowest of the low by people who don’t even care or realize what they are doing. Often, you get the very worst of people dismissive, rude, otherwise unconscionable behavior that is somehow acceptable in the context of the buyer-seller relationship. And the worst part is, their job often depends on just smiling about it when you want to explode something. If you’ve never worked at waiter jobs, or you don’t know the true waiter job description, you just will never understand the enormous strain these people are under, and how close they are to breaking point sometimes. The people that are rude to waiters and retail employees are vapid, ridiculous creatures.
  • Uncertain income – There is no larger mistake you can make for your psychological well-being as a waiter than counting on receiving a certain amount in tips for a week, for a shift, or even for a table. People can always surprise you, and often times, it’s for the worse. It is amazing how friendly people can be who don’t know how to tip, or how rude people can be who will leave twenty percent, not because they’re nice but because they actually know that’s what you’re supposed to do. Somehow, people don’t seem to understand that a tip is not “a little something extra,” it’s everything. Without tips, waiters are some of the most pathetically paid employees of any job anywhere, and sometimes they just don’t come in.


So that’s it. The real waiter job description. Still wanna be a waiter? Well, if you can remember that order I gave you at the beginning after all of that, then maybe you’re qualified for waiter jobs, otherwise, get ready to get yelled at. Read another articl