How To Dress Up For Your Food Service Job Interview

Landing a job in a tough economy can be challenging enough as it is, especially since the competition will already be great. With that in mind, as an applicant, we want to do everything in our power to ensure that we are putting forth the best image for the job we are seeking. A good resume will inform the prospective employer that we have the required experience to work for them, but if we need them to give us a second look, we must work on our appearance.

Start from the top

While there may not be any specific requirements as far as a job applicant is concerned, the one thing everyone can agree upon is that if they look decent they are taken a lot more seriously, especially in the food service industry.

  • Hair should be properly trimmed and combed, and cared for. If you have problems with greasy hair, make sure you take proper care to remedy it before your interview so you do not look dirty to a potential employer.
  • Faces should also be freshly shaven and if a mustache exists, it should be properly groomed.
  • Women should avoid heavy makeup, just enough to get by.

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Most interviewers will tell you that when they look at a prospective employee they try to imagine how the individual would look when they are on the job, which means that you should be ready to dress the part.

  • Unless the position you are applying for is that of a manager, or a chef, the applicant should dress in a casual shirt or blouse.
  • The pants should also be casual, however, stay away from shorts, even if you live in Florida.

Gearing up

A great deal of the younger generation believe in adorning themselves in an attempt to make a statement, during a job interview, leave some of that at home.

  • Avoid excessive jewelry at your interview, keep the important stuff like the wedding bands and leave the bling at home.
  • It is especially important to remove facial rings like the ones that go in the nose.
  • If you have tattoos that might be considered as offensive, cover them up.

End of the line

If you have ever seen someone in a suit or a nice dress and finish off the ensemble with a pair of tennis shoes you will understand the importance of decent footwear. This may not seem important to the average applicant, especially if they haven’t worked in the food industry before, but comfortable footwear will avoid painful feet and if you dress the part your interviewer will be impressed. Stay away from the sandals or heels and if you wear tennis shoes, make sure that they don’t look tattered and torn.

Lasting impressions

What it all boils down to is the fact that you need to dress the part, try to identify what the employees are currently wearing and follow those guidelines. If you really want to be hired, you need to stand out from the rest of the applicants, but not in a negative way, so don’t forget to take a shower, perfume and deodorant will not cover body odor.

Female job applicants should make sure that they take the appropriate steps to look presentable, including good personal hygine and hair care. Curling your hair (you can use tools like curling wands, which are reviewed at this site) is a nice added touch that will help you look presentable and clean.

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