Fast Food Industry Scholarships

Who said working in fast food restaurants is all that bad? In fact there are several different fast food chains that are worried about their employees and would like to help them always study and pursue better careers. Most fast food restaurant workers are students (either from high school or freshman from college) that are looking for a way to get some money and study at the same time. Most fast food restaurants are low paying, which would make student’s life much harder, after all tuition costs are quite high nowadays.

Thinking of those costs several different fast food restaurants now offer scholarships for their employees, that way they will have a much higher chance of going to school and becoming better people through education. If you would like to know whether or not your fast food restaurant offers scholarships, do not be shy! Show your bosses that you have interest, that way they will help you get through the application process.

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For now let’s take a look at some of the scholarship benefits that some fast food restaurants offer for their student employees.


Wendy´s is definitely one of the most famous and big fast food companies present in the USA and Canada. The company gives different awards for those students (that are also employees) that are high school seniors and that show outstanding results throughout the year. The first 20.000 applicants that show interest in the scholarships will have the opportunity to get a $10 dollar gift card when applying for the scholarship online. Students must be at least 18 years old to be able to apply; otherwise they will need to have consent from their parents.


The Ronald McDonald House Charities program is offered on a year basis and offers students awards of $1000 dollars to be used towards their studies and school fees through scholarships. The scholarships are available for US high school students who live within a certain area that needs to be covered by the scholarship program (there are several different areas, which means people from almost all over the country will have the opportunity to get the scholarship). The scholarship values vary from region to region, however they are usually around the $1000 mark. The rewards are non-renewable so students will have a chance to get it at least once. You can learn more information here.

Burger King

Students from the USA, Canada or even Puerto Rico are now able to get one of the 1600 scholarships that are given by Burger King on a yearly basis. The opportunities are great especially for those who are looking for a good opportunity to save money while studying.Most awards are worth $1000 dollars. There are other awards such as the national one that is worth $5000 and the ‘King’ scholarship that will give a single student $25.000 dollars that should be used solely with University expenses. Students should be employed at a franchise and should work at least 15 hours a week to apply.

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