How To Become A Grill Chef

Many people will consider themselves something of a master grill cook. They may have plenty of experiences warming up the gas grill or lighting the charcoal grill in the back yard gas grills reviews and getting the burgers and sausages going. But does this kind of experience translate into preparing you for a career as a grill chef?

Some of the best  show that grills today are almost professional in the quality and size of the models. They can be large and powerful appliances that can produce a large amount of food in one go, meaning using them requires more skills than simply turning now and again. The larger the amount of food or the variation being cooked, the more know-how it takes to get it to all work and be ready together.

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What is a grill chef?

In most professional venues, a grill chef will work the grill station. The main responsibility will be the perfect cooking of meats such as steaks exactly to the customer’s requirements. They can also be asked to prepare foods such as poultry and fish dishes and expand to other cooking methods such as frying or baking to complement the grilling.

Another aspect may be the preparation of the food. Before cooking, nearly all meat and fish or even poultry will require some preparation, such as carving to the right cut or removing elements not needed for the dish. It may also mean some preparation of additional ingredients needed for the cooking such as sauces or marinades. It is not merely standing at the grill, cooking meat.

Other duties

Like any chef job, another very important element of the job is health and safety. With so much raw meat involved in the dishes, it is particularly crucial in the grill area. Storage of the meat before and after cooking has to follow the strictest guidelines to avoid illness and every chef is responsible for their own area.

Sometimes, a grill chef may have a team under him, depending on the size of the establishment. Regardless of this, hours are likely to be variable and can involve early mornings for preparation and late nights for serving, against dependent on the business type.

Famous Grill Chefs

One of the most famous grills chefs in Canada is Rob Rainford. He was born in Jamaica and moved to Canada when he enrolled in culinary school. He worked his way through professional establishments such as the Accolade Crown Plaza before becoming a chef instructor at his training place at the George Brown College. He has appeared on TV in shows such as License to Grill and has published books on grilling.

Getting the job

Once you have decided that a grill chef is the job for you, and then you need to start looking to see what kinds of jobs are available. There are plenty of websites to start the search, such as which can also give you an idea of any credentials or certificates are required. Courses and professional memberships are also something to look into before starting, as this preparation work will stand you in better stead when it comes to landing the position you want.

Plus keep grilling! There is no better way to hone your talents and to be able to show a potential employer what you can do than to practice at home. Use the family and friends as test subjects to create your own signature dishes to impress your potential head chef and to broaden your practical experience. Be able to talk about your job before it is your job. And Good Luck!

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