How Restaurants Across Canada Are Working Hard to Keep Your Food Safe

Via_Napoli_open_prep_areaDespite new legislation that allows for food products to be easily imported into Canada, restaurants are still striving to use locally sourced products while at the same time ensuring the health of their customers.

Food safety is a major concern, which is why importing food is so disturbing. Canada has very strict laws about the ways in which food makes its way to a restaurant, yet the same cannot be said for other nations. For this reason many have adopted higher standards when it comes to the receiving, storing, preparing, cooking and serving of food in order to ensure that it is safe for their guests.

Receiving – Suppliers bring food products to Canadian restaurants from storage facilities all over the country. To ensure that it has been properly handled during transportation, the managers of restaurants check the contents temperature and appearance upon arrival. If cases have been damaged, or the right temperature not maintained, the delivery is not accepted.

Storing – Refrigerators and freezers are always kept at temperatures below the industry standard by most Canadian restaurants in order to ensure that the food within is at the right temperature. Dry storage areas are kept clean, and there are constant checks for signs of insect and rat infestations.

Preparing – Many things could go wrong during the preparing of food in a restaurant. Managers are making sure that the workers are not sick to avoid cross contamination, that ice is being used to keep cold foods cold while it is being prepped and that the right types of tools are being used for each task.

Cooking – Restaurant cooks often take the brunt of criticism when a food product is found to be unhealthy, so they work extra hard at maintaining food safety standards. Gloves are always worn and the temperature of food always checked throughout the process to make sure that it is safe for human consumption.

Serving – That last step between readying the food and getting it to the table is critical. Special heat lamps using infrared light technology are installed so that food retains its temperature while waiting on the server. This is the same technology used with saunas like these. The rays are strong enough to penetrate through many layers, which is why a portable infrared sauna is so effective at detoxifying the body.

For all of the trouble that a restaurant goes through to ensure the safety of their guests, it is frustrating to find that the government is not taking the absence of overseas regulations seriously. Hopefully, by increasing the standards and using more local products, we can eliminate the need ourselves.

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