Waitress Job Description Information

A waitress is a woman who works in the food and beverage industry and delivers food and drinks to customers. She may work at a high-end restaurant or at a smaller outfit such as a diner or cafe. Some waitresses have years of experience and are trained in fine dining and wines, while others may know little about food in general, other than what is on the menu.

In most restaurants in America, waitresses make a minimum wage for server and rely on tips to make up the majority of their earnings. They are required to greet customers, be courteous and accommodating and explain menu items and suggest things for the customer to eat. In some restaurants where there is little other staff, they may also ring up orders and act as a hostess.

Duties of a Waitress

Depending on the size and type of restaurant, a waitress can have a varied array of duties. They often seat guests and bring them beverages. When they food is ready to be served, they deliver it to the table and refill any drinks. In some restaurants, they must clean off a table where diners have eaten and prepare for the next set of customers.

At larger or busy restaurants, the waitress may be part of a larger team which would include hosts and hostesses, bus people who clean off tables and bring drink refills and others who assist in service. When work is slow, the waitress may be expecting to do light cleaning, arrange dining essentials or even to assist in food preparation. Other times, a waitress takes the money for a check and provides change to the customer.

Educational Requirements

As a waitress, one does not need a degree or even a high school diploma to work. In fact, most waitresses obtain their training on the job. Other restaurants may require more experience and a certain level of knowledge about food and to meet the expectations of a company. Many young people find jobs was waitresses or server, as they lack formal education yet, and thee jobs are often in abundance.

It’s estimated that nearly one-quarter of all workers in this field are in the age range of 16 to 19 years old, which is six time the proportion in all other areas of work. Jobs in and beverage industry, at least in some restaurants, have a high turnover rate of employment, and most workers are part-time employees. For many people in America, it is one of the first jobs they obtain when they enter the workforce as a young adult.


A waitress needs to be efficient and have a pleasant demeanor. They also need to have good communication skills to converse with customers and to relay orders to kitchen staff. Finally, the waitress should have basic math skills and be able to work a cash register and produce change for the customer.

Salary for a Waitress

Typically, because they earn most of their wages in tips, servers and waitresses are not salaries employees. It’s difficult to obtain a mean annual wage, as most waitresses do not work full-time. Currently, the minimum wage for servers is typically $2 to $4 or more depending upon the state and whether they comply or not. Some states do not follow a minimum wage. Read another article¬†http://keepfoodjobsincanada.ca/waiter-job-description/

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